Our Why

WorkWell’s programs are designed to guide clients to identify their unique value add in today’s market to land the most competitive job offers in tech. WorkWell is founded by women who have coached 800+ working professionals into high paying high tech jobs. Our coaches have an intimate understanding of the tech industry, both in technical and non-technical roles.  Because we believe in building equality in tech, we have created a program that delivers the skills you need to land your dream job within a diverse learning environment. Our community is proudly comprised of women, people of color, people with disabilities, individuals who are trans and gender nonconforming, the LGBTQ community, allies and all of the intersectionalities between these groups.


Creating a better tech industry for all of us.

Our Focus

We are focused on shaping a tech industry that creates a sense of belonging for all and we know we need more individual representation in order to do this. We see our programs as a way to make the journey into and around tech easier for historically marginalized people, which is the catalyst behind its creation.  


If you share our mission, please reach out, we would love to connect!


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