Title: Client Success Specialist

Status: Full-time contract

Commitment: 40 hours per week

Hourly: $22-28

Location: Remote (supporting Pacific Standard Time hours)

Application Deadline: February 5, 2021



Our WorkWell community is ever-expanding and we are excited to find a values-aligned team member to be our team’s right-hand person when it comes to admin and communication for the business and client experience. 

Over the last year, our team has stayed focused on supporting our client’s to land the most competitive jobs in the tech industry even during a global pandemic. This is deeply meaningful work as the majority of our clients are underrepresented in the tech space. Since its birth in 2018, WorkWell has been actively making a significant dent in the tech world's inclusion and belonging space through our premium Job Search + Interview Skills Accelerator and our Executive Anti-Racist training. We want to invest in someone who sees themselves at WorkWell as we continue to support the individuals in our community both locally and globally. 

Our team loves to laugh + have fun while working hard to create amazing things that have a real and immediate positive impact on the world. We move fast and love that we can do so. We are intentional about every decision we make, always focusing on a never-ending value add to the people and places around us. Our clients and community are our sources of inspiration and joy, and they are our everything. We value community, authenticity, integrity, + autonomy. We want you to become the administrator who advises us on how to make WorkWell better for our clients and team, including you. We are committed to your growth + development and truly can’t wait to invest in you as an integral part of the WorkWell team. 



You excel at written and verbal communication. You have exceptional social and emotional intelligence and have the courage to speak up and take action when a system or process can be more efficient to always improve the customer experience. 

You’re comfortable being the right-hand person to our Founders, Chief of Staff and Coaches who require responsiveness, immaculate execution, and extreme attention to detail. 

Friends may call you meticulous with how you like to organize things. We respect that. 

You flourish in:

  • Fierce client/customer service focus + love of working with people
  • Administrative work
  • Prioritizing tasks
  • Making quick decisions
  • Solving short term challenges quickly.
  • Systematizing everything 
  • Self-starting (this one is major!)
  • Creative thinking + joyfully collaborating.
  • Communicating with a positive approach, a can-do attitude, and a sense of humor
  • Written and verbal communication skills
  • Flying with ambiguity, shifting priorities, and new systems development 
  • Results-oriented work

You may have the skills necessary to do the job (and likely so do a lot of people). Therefore we want to ensure you’re a true culture add to the team to ensure the internal team experience is as solid as the external client experience: 

  1. Authentic + Consistent - Offering feedback is easy for you. You make sure to acknowledge your personal strengths and that of others. When someone is struggling or seeing their opportunities for development, you’re quick to get curious, check-in, and offer support where needed. 
  2. Productivity Tools Enthusiast - You have go-to tools that increase efficiency, and you’re always on the lookout for more. You can figure out a new tool or platform in a matter of minutes.
  3. High Vibes + Optimism - You’re highly aware of how the work you’re doing is an integral part of WorkWell’s success and bring a positive attitude to all the space you’re in. You bring light & unconditional love for others. You know everyone is doing the best they can and do your best to lift others up to their highest potential. You don’t take yourself or anyone too seriously. You lighten the mood & liven every room you walk into.
  4. Skilled Verbal + Written Communicator- You have great intellectual horsepower, are quick to respond, and reach out with any clarifying questions. 
  5. Independent thinker + Multi-faceted - You ask why. You don’t do things a certain way just because everyone else does it that way. You seek to understand why and make your own decisions. You have all these hidden talents because you’ve done a wide range of responsibilities in the past and can figure out anything with the help of Google, YouTube, podcasts, & Audible.
  6. Integrity + Trust - You take confidentiality and discretion very seriously. You believe in the mission of WorkWell and want to be an integral part of it. 



  • Community, connection + authenticity 
  • Efficiency and a great customer and team experience
  • Closing the wage gap and elevating communities who historically have not been represented in leadership positions and technology 
  • Integrity to commitments + a commitment to your continued self-learning and transformation
  • Empowering jobseekers to grow and learn by being a trusted resource and deep listener 
  • The job search process + career development



  • Support our Chief of Staff to manage client relationships through their entire lifecycle, address and resolve billing and general account-related issues, analyze data & drive initiatives to improve the overall client experience
  • Support our clients with Monday-Friday Slack communication to guide them to success
  • Support our coaches: by attending live group coaching sessions for tech support, resource sharing + continuity in the client experience
  • Mindfully engage the community through resources, networking, + support.
  • Analyze trends in client engagement + progress to contribute to improving the Accelerator



  • Opportunities for personal and professional growth at WorkWell
  • 1:1 mentorship and time with expert coaches for your continued development
  • Front and center experience of running + refining a small, women-led business
  • Scrappy startup professional experience in San Francisco’s tech industry
  • Amazing community waiting for you to make an immediate and positive impact 



  • Someone who wants to up-level their career with a team that loves to learn and grow together
  • Someone who genuinely cares about each individual client’s experience
  • Someone who has done extensive work on their own personal development has the self-awareness, humility, and openness to receive consistent developmental feedback from our coaches and Founders.
  • Open to working through his/her/their own blindspots 



At WorkWell, we believe outstanding people are the key to our success. We value a diverse and inclusive workplace and strongly encourage people of color, LGBTQIA+ individuals, trans people, gender non-conforming individuals, and formerly incarcerated people to apply. 

As an equal opportunity employer, we recruit and hire with the understanding of systemic oppression and of the lived reality of people with marginalized identities. We also recruit and hire without regard to race, national origin, religion, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, prior conviction, arrest history, disability, marital status, veteran status, or age.


About WorkWell’s Continued Impact

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