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Non-Technical Tech Jobs

We aren’t coders either! At WorkWell, we teach you how to find and land a position in Tech without a developer’s knowledge or skills.

You don't need to learn code to...

Work in your dream Tech company

Transfer your existing skillsets into Tech

Craft your resume & pitch for Tech

Make more money than you ever have

We’ve helped over 1,100 people to find & land
non-technical jobs in Tech

Rebrand Your Story For Tech

From emergency room workers to stay-at-home moms we’ve helped people from all backgrounds and experiences find their dream role in Tech. It boils down to how you craft your story. At WorkWell, we deep-dive into your most valuable hard & essential skills, and help you craft a stand-out pitch that will appeal to Tech hiring managers.

WorkWell Strategies for Job Search
Job Search Strategies with WorkWell

Network in Exclusive Tech Circles

Networking is one of the single greatest things you can do for career in tech. From guest speakers, to HR introductions, to a close knit peer group, we’ll connect you with an inner Tech circle, while giving you the confidence and practice you need to reach your career goals.

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Make More Money Than You Have Before in Tech

The tech industry is booming with competitive salaries and eviable benefits. How can you get in?

At WorkWell, our clients have negotiated 30% increase from previous roles, without having been in Tech before! We’ll teach you everything you need to know about the art of salary negotiation, industry expectations, and Tech compensation packages to help you make more money than ever before.

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Here are a few of the non-tech roles WorkWell alumni have landed



DEI Program Manager at Imperfect Foods

Thank you WorkWell! After a little over a year of passively looking for work, not feeling "good enough" to pivot from the nonprofit sector, and at times succumbing to some self doubt-- I finally did it! I got my dream job at a very large and mission driven for-profit company! I finished the program in January 2021 and started seriously applying for work in March 2021, and then--only 2 months later-- it hugely paid off. Stay true to yourself, stay true to the process, network, put yourself out there, and it will all work out in the end.


Product Marketing Manager at ServiceTitan

WorkWell helped me land two offers even amidst everything going on in the job market with Covid-19. Lucy, Whitney, and their team of coaches exude nothing but care, expertise, love, and it's obvious that they truly care about their clients and the impact that they have on other's lives. I couldn't have done it without them.


Head of Account Based Marketing at Zipline

I could have not done it without the WorkWell team, support and community!!! The coaching was a big factor for me as well as the community and salary negotiation support.


Field Marketing Manager at Tipalti

"Amazing resource for anyone who is in-between roles, looking to pivot industries, and looking for support and direction. The curriculum allows you to really take a step back and look at what your real needs and goals are for your ideal role + next career steps, and provides tangible exercises (even templates) on how to navigate the job search, interview, and negotiate compensation. I find the online community the most helpful part of the service, being able to access 7+ coaches (most tech recruiting background) and members 24/7 via Slack channels was incredibly important as a sounding board for any immediate questions I had or advice needed. Ultimately, the community helped me prep for strategic interviews and negotiate a competitive comp package. Highly recommend to those impacted by layoffs during this pandemic needing a community of support, and the push needed to invest in your job search!"


Executive Assistant to CEO at Carbon Health

Before WorkWell, I didn’t know that a value-based job search was advisable or attainable. Across my career, I’ve always just accepted jobs that fell in my lap, making compromises around compensation, company values, and work/life balance. WorkWell’s Accelerator encouraged me to look for jobs that met all three criteria, with the premise that these are key elements of true career satisfaction. WorkWell helped me feel more empowered in my job search, more grounded in my own values, and more determined to find an opportunity that matched the new bar I’d set. I had a brand new confidence to go after dream roles –– even once boldly flying across the country to meet a CEO face to face after being initially declined for a role.
I’ve gotten back my investment from the course by landing a role at a value-aligned, top tier tech company and ultimately increasing my income by 50% over the past year. And did I mention that I love my job too?


Recruiting Coordinator at Handshake

WorkWell was absolutely a game-changer for my job search. The curriculum was incredibly helpful in navigating the process of determining my target role and what type of skills and values I wanted to use in my next role, preparing my resume, and using LinkedIn for networking. The WorkWell COMMUNITY though is where it's at!! I honestly don't think I would be where I'm at without the coaches support, and the rest of the WW family. Hearing success stories, getting feedback and encouragement, and being reminded "you are a whole human who happens to be job searching" got me back on track so many times. Being able to join forces with other members to work on resumes, mock interview, send outreach messages, and just inspire and encourage one another was truly what led to my success (and kept me sane along the way!!) I was hesitant to join just because of the cost and the fact that I was unemployed, but I would do it again IN A HEARTBEAT. Don't try to job search alone. It's stressful and time-consuming and exhausting and sometimes just really annoying. YOU NEED SOME PEOPLE, and WorkWell has the best ones. :)


Strategic Market Insights Manager at Danaher

As a professional with 15+ years of experience, I honestly thought I knew a thing or two about applying for jobs and interviewing. Boy was I wrong! From WorkWell, I learned how to attack the toughest job market in modern history (ie: Pandemic!) with confidence and laser-like precision. The curriculum is action-based, and I was doing uncomfortable things (ahem, networking!) with ease in 2-3 weeks. I entered small group interview practice right away which dramatically amplified my use of metrics and storytelling in my interviews. The interview prep was a game-changer for me. My first interview requests came within 8 weeks of starting the curriculum and the interview prep was so robust that I made it to the final rounds of my first 2 interviews. I landed an offer from one of these companies, negotiating a 30% increase in paid time off. This rockstar group of skill-builders is propelling and pivoting careers and I fully believe I landed a new role many months faster than I would have without it.


Strategic Insight and Research for QuickBooks at Intuit

I don’t hesitate to recommend WorkWell. The WorkWell coaches are amazing coaches that deliver above and beyond. I’ve spoken to a few other coaches in the past and they don’t come close to the level of positivity, support, belief, and expertise that WorkWell offers. I took part in their intensive Accelerator which covers everything from LinkedIn networking and resume development to interview storytelling and salary negotiation - even if you think you know your stuff pretty well they can take it so much further. The Accelerator has essentially paid for itself in the amazing job I’ve landed and increased salary I negotiated. As well as knowing their stuff in the search space they are beyond supportive which hasn’t stopped since completing the Accelerator. They’re always there for questions and to remind you of the unique value you offer when you need a boost! If you’re thinking of signing up with WorkWell do it.


People Operations Coordinator at Babylist

Joining WorkWell was one of the best decisions I've made for my career. The knowledgeable support of the coaches combined with the amazing community of peers makes it a unique learning experience that pays off. I was able to break into a new industry in tech and also find a role and company that aligns with my values and career goals. I gained the skills to successfully negotiate a higher offer and as a result, increased my salary from my previous position by 20%.

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