How WorkWell Is Different

WorkWell eliminates the biggest barriers to entry when it comes to your career. Our secret sauce is in our community-centric programs, which provide competency level-up, strategy, structure, and professional skills that stick with you throughout your entire career. Online courses won’t get you  the results you want, but our coaches and learning community will.

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WorkWell Offerings

Your work impacts all areas of your life. 

Get a job you love.

Job Search + Interview Skills Accelerator

WorkWell’s Job Search + Interview Skills Accelerator delivers a condensed learning experience through a curated approach to the job search process to take job seekers to their dream careers faster than they thought possible. We focus on the strategies, structure and tools required for the job search and interview process, leading clients to land jobs quicker and easier.  

What You Get


  • Mock interview practice

  • Salary negotiation  

  • Interview skills mastery

  • Effective job search plan 

  • Networking skills 

  • Resume + LinkedIn level up

  • Dedicated community of coaches, peers + professionals

WorkWell Clients

  • Get jobs faster. Our clients receive at least one job offer within 38 days of completing our program.

  • Make more money. Our clients negotiate on average 13% more in base salary. 

  • Break into tech. More than 50% of our clients are career changers from industries such as retail, hospitality, education, consulting, and non-profit.

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Beyond The Accelerator
WorkWell Membership

We believe nothing is more powerful for growth and skills development than community and continued practice! We invite you to join our high touch community of coaches, industry experts, and mentors who will guide your career every step of the way--from your job search, to your first 90 days in your new role, to skillfully building + nurturing relationships at work for continued career success, we will be your resource for navigating it all. Your membership includes:

  • Consistent coaching sessions

  • Resources and exclusive videos + events

  • Mock interviewing

  • Blind spot coaching and feedback

  • Structure + accountability

  • Community connection and tech industry mentors

  • Expert coaches + industry professionals for great advice

Salary Negotiation Coaching

We know from hundreds of salary negotiation coaching sessions that most people love support in making their asks for higher pay, better benefits, and extra perks. While negotiating is a new practice for many people, we all know best results come from navigating this conversation effectively and skillfully. At WorkWell, we pride ourselves on making the final step of your job search a home run.


We successfully negotiated $2.4M and an average of 13% offer increases with our clients in 2019.  


We’re here to walk you powerfully + confidently through the negotiation process so you leave nothing on the table while also setting your career up for continued success! 

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