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Updated: Jun 3

“WorkWell is A MUST for anyone who is serious about breaking into or shifting within the tech industry. WorkWell coaches are nothing short of amazing. I had been on the job hunt for a while and I felt like I was missing something. WorkWell helped me hone my narrative around moving from nonprofit into corporate social responsibility and social impact within a tech company. WorkWell's insights, support and motivation made their team an invaluable part of my support system. After I got a confirmed offer, a WorkWell coach walked me through salary negotiation. Ultimately, WorkWell helped me negotiate an additional $10,000 in base compensation! WorkWell is EVERYTHING! I cannot say enough nice things about Whitney, Lucy and their incredible team. Invest in yourself and take your career to the next level. You'll thank me later.”

-Fatimah A.

Social Impact Manager

"I met Lucy and Whitney after attending a workshop that they gave on building confidence during the job search. In just that one hour, I was blown away by how much information and actionable advice that they were able to provide in such a compelling and authentic way. After the workshop I decided to take their full three-week bootcamp for job seekers, and I am so glad that I did. With the tools I learned during the bootcamp I was able to achieve a greater understanding of the value that I bring to teams, what I was looking for in my next role, clear salary expectations and a roadmap for how to attain them. Both coaches and the WorkWell community were there to support and inspire me along every step of the way which made this course incredibly impactful. I've taken other courses related to the job search before, but it was finally this combination of knowledge, practice, awareness, and support that finally helped me get to the next level in my job search and land a job with one of my dream companies. Thanks to the skills I learned in this class, I recently landed two very exciting offers and got to negotiate on my starting salary which I feel great about! Thank you Lucy and Whitney!"

-Brittany T.

Senior UI/UX Designer

"Whitney and WorkWell are AMAZING. She is an awesome coach, and inspired me to have more confidence in my job search, especially when it came time to salary negotiation. If you're looking for an empowering career coach who listens patiently and really tailors her advice for YOU, look no further."

-Debra K.

Technical Project Manager

"Lucy at WorkWell was such an enlightening coach. She helped me land a job and salary I would've never imagined having. She skillfully assisted me with my resume, helped me create a powerful LinkedIn, and guided me through the interview process. Lucy also effectively helped with negotiating my salary. She truly believed in me and built my confidence with her positivity and encouragement. I don't know what I would've done without her. Lucy and Whitney have helped so many others like myself to successfully land careers. They Work wonderfully Well!"

-Tooba F.

Client Care Manager

"I was surprised by how much I got out of this workshop. I have a resume, I'm on LinkedIn - what else did I need to know? Everything, as it turns out. Job seeking is a learnable skill, something you can get better and better at, with know-how, preparation and practice. Whitney and Lucy have distilled these skills into an intensive 2-week program that will redefine the way you look at your job search. My biggest takeaway? I'll no longer wait until I need a job before I begin preparing. With new foresight, I have eyes on a career path that never occurred to me before - for the first time ever, I am proactively working toward the jobs that I want, rather than letting my career just happen to me. I owe big thanks to WorkWell!"

-Errin M.

Frontend Developer

"I had the pleasure of being Whitney’s client for career coaching where Whitney worked with me to improve my non-technical interviewing skills through mock interviews, crafting LinkedIn messages, crafting cover letters, and much more.

While working with Whitney, I found that she is a dedicated professional that is always available (phone/email) and honest with feedback. You can really tell that she strives to help her clients (myself and others) and she will go above and beyond what one would expect from a career coach.

Whitney delivers results. I have gotten more callbacks with her advice and improved my confidence greatly. However, the most unique aspect of working with Whitney is the fact that every conversation with her is enjoyable and it does not feel like you are working at all! The job search can be a draining process, but I always looked forward to speaking with Whitney as she is a great cheerleader.

Overall, if you want to work with a cheerful, dedicated professional, I highly recommend reaching out to Whitney."

- Rosheen Chaudhry

Microsoft Team Member

"Lucy is truly a special breed of coach. Her positive attitude is contagious, and her keen sense of observation and natural gift with words allows her to speak and act in such a way that is inspiring and motivating. I was extremely thankful to have her as a coach. Working with her greatly upped my confidence and empowered me to be myself in an effective and important way."

- James Ortis

Google Team Member

"Words can't describe how grateful I am to have someone like Whitney. Whitney showed care beyond her required position. Without Whitney, I would not have been able to obtain my new job. She's passionate, caring, and is exceptional at interpersonal coaching, both verbally and in writing. Thank you again Whitney!"

- Bryan Tuong Hoang

NBC Universal Media Team Member

"Lucy's coaching style is ideal for people who are undergoing professional (and even personal) transitions. During my time working with her, I was impressed that Lucy didn't just assign homework to me – she did her homework as well. Each session, she came to the table with new ideas, suggestions, and reading material. If you're looking to work with a proactive coach who listens attentively and responds with incredible empathy, I highly recommend Lucy. The work we did together will resonate for years to come."

- Stephanie Wharton

Content Marketing Manager at StitcherAds

"Whitney is AMAZING. She was my career coach throughout my job search journey. Whitney believed in me from the start and empowered me with constant support. She was always readily available to me when I needed her, and if she couldn't help me with something she would find somebody who could. She really cared about what I wanted for myself and my future. Every single piece of advice that I received from Whitney was spot on. She truly cares about improving the lives of people. I am forever grateful for Whitney. I secured a job offer from my dream company and it was in huge part because of the time and effort Whitney invested in me."

- Adilene Constante

MINDBODY Team Member

"Lucy has been a great coach to work with. She definitely grew my interpersonal skills from good to great! I dreaded talking with recruiters and the interview process in general. After about 5 weeks of working with Lucy, I became very confident in my own soft skills."

- Donald Thai

Software Engineer at Truss

"I made a career switch from corporate hospitality to the start-up world, and this transition would have been more difficult without the guidance from the amazing Whitney Cole. She was able to help me with everything from the application process, interview preparation and post offer negotiations. But most importantly, she genuinely cared about what I wanted for my career path and keeping me aligned with the goals I set for myself. She constantly checked in on me, coached me with my cover letters, provided me with resources to prepare myself for a successful interview and gave me the confidence to be able negotiate my salary post offer. Even after starting my new job, Whitney was still available to answer all the questions I had and talk me through the meltdowns that ensued. Her taking the time to listen and to give me advice helped me work through the anxiety and stress I felt in the first few weeks of my new job. She did everything she could to make the ever-so-daunting job search process as seamless as possible, and I am forever grateful. I would definitely recommend her to anybody who is looking for a new job or needs guidance on their career goals."

- Tiffany Lim

Hotel Account Manager

"Lucy was a wonderful and insightful coach. She put me in the shoes of other people in order to gain insights, which effectively helped 10x my interviewing and interviewee skills. If you have an opportunity to work with her as a coach do not hesitate and come with an open mind."

- Adam McMahon

Developer, Analyst & Marketer

"I am super lucky and thankful to have had the chance to work with Lucy. She is a rare professional who not only cares about the success of her clients, but also their growth as human beings. She has fostered a sense of awareness, belonging and empathy in everyone she has worked with, including me. Through working with her, I have benefited in areas of my personal and professional life, and I am sure others can speak the same. She is a results-driven leader who is gifted in identifying the root problem of organizational challenges and communicating cross-functionally to implement sustainable solutions."

- Shalini Pyapali

Facebook Team Member

"While tackling one of the toughest challenges in my career, she played a pivotal role by helping me improve my interpersonal and writing skills. Ultimately, her support allowed for more traction during my job search and boosted my self-confidence, which is one of the greatest take-aways from my experience with her.

What stood out about Whitney is her willingness to help people. She is readily available via email and will take a personal approach to advising and fixing your problems, such as having one-on-one sessions with you. Her cheerful and dedicated personality was great to work with, and I always enjoyed having a conversation with her.

"There is no doubt that Whitney will give 150% to help individuals get where they need to be in their careers, and that is what made my time with her special. Thank you Whitney!"

- Kim Nguyen

Software Engineer at EarnUp

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