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Updated: May 7

"Feeling confident at work and proud of my career really changed the way I feel about my entire being. I see this confidence and pride in how I show up in the world as a person who has value. As a powerful person. As someone who can create what they want and truly have it all without settling for less. I am now an entrepreneur and founder, I volunteer as a mentor, I participate in hackathons and conferences, my advice is sought out and happily given. My goal is to empower people to create their best lives, to build beautiful communities, and to realize their own value as someone with an entirely unique perspective and human experience.

I use my time how I want to use it, which often looks like work. And it is. But it’s because I’m passionate, I’m lit up, my fire for creating my life, a life that is a result of me, not a reaction to anything else, is a constant source of energy. And I get to be fulfilled as a result. If you want some of this, let’s talk. It’s 100% possible (I am not special, trust me) and I’ll show you how."

- Whitney Cole

People Expert & Career Coach at WorkWell

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