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Impacted series: Customer service industry. See what’s possible for you in tech

Updated: May 20

Welcome to our Impacted Series! Our goal with this series is to empower people who’ve been impacted in the highlighted industries to identify and leverage their existing skills to immediately find a new role in the tech industry.

This week we’re putting the customer service industry in the spotlight.

So, if you’re a customer service professional who recently lost your job or you’re actively looking to use your customer service skill set to break into tech, we see you, we hear you, and we’re talking to you.

Why customer service skills are valued in tech

Customer service is vital but quality customer service is paramount. Customer service touches a multitude of different industries including tech, hospitality, restaurant, travel, retail, and more. This type of job focuses on the entire customer journey — before, during, and after a purchase. The most important element of the journey is the customer’s experience and the goal is to make the experience as positive as possible. And the most important skill set required to be successful in doing that? Your developed interpersonal skills. Society has generally labeled these skills as "soft skills," yet at WorkWell we consider these skills “essential” because major companies use them during their interview processes (and on the job) to identify an amazing candidate.

Your tech industry ready customer service skills

You can think of essential skills as what you can do and love to do with people, things, or data. Often you will hear of them referred to as soft skills. Think of transferable skills as the portable qualities that can be utilized from one job to another or one industry to another. As a customer service professional, you likely already possess many of the skills that employers in tech want, like strong communication and motivation. These critical skills help fuel customer interactions with empathy, compassion, enthusiasm, integrity, and so much more (check out our chart below, the skills bolded are very sought-after).

Where to take your skills from here

While it’s common to associate software engineers and other technical roles with the tech industry, tech is definitely one of the industries in which customer service is not just needed, but mission-critical. There are so many opportunities (50% of open roles, actually!) for non-technical people to thrive in tech, independently and cross-functionally. If your mind needs opening to figure out what possibilities are out there, it starts with this simple mindset shift — you can belong anywhere. The customer service possibilities in tech can be further broken down into roles that include human resources, recruiting, learning and development, operations, sales, project managers, marketing, customer support, and more.

How to land your role in tech

Alright, now you know why customer service skills are essential and have an idea of which skills you already have that are transferable to the tech industry. Now, it’s time for you to dig into understanding how to leverage your unique skills, values, and personal mission to align with the right company. There’s a place for you in tech and WorkWell can support you to reshape your mindset and help you understand what you can offer to the tech industry. Spoiler alert: With your customer service experience, you offer a lot.

Join WorkWell’s weekly event series with General Assembly. This week, we workshop how to effectively navigate a job search after losing your job — save your seat here.

You can also join our upcoming info session, How to Get a Job ASAP with our Founders, Whitney and Lucy. We outline the three steps needed to shorten the timeline between now and your first day at your new job.

And stay tuned for next week’s Impacted Series feature. Hint: Engineers are not going to want to miss this.



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