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Impacted Series: Sales industry. Close your next deal in the tech industry

So far, in this Impacted Series, we’ve covered the customer service and tech industry. This week we’re cold calling on the sales industry.

Whether you’re a sales professional with experience, brand new to sales, or need to find your next role due to unforeseen events, let’s talk.

The sales industry is expansive

Like many industries, sales plays an integral part in the non-technical roles at tech companies. From the person in the seat getting the job done to the title of the role to the product being sold, the sales industry provides a vast array of opportunities for career growth. Sales professionals can hold different titles: the most entry-level being SDR (sales development representative), which often grows into AE (account executive), account manager, and other titles. Sales takes place across different settings: B2B (business-to-business), B2C (business-to-consumer), and D2C (direct-to-consumer). Tech sales specifically covers different services, such as: SaaS (software-as-a-service), IoT (information technology), FaaS (finance-as-a-service), PaaS (platform-as-a-service), hardware, and many more.

Sought after sales skills

Charismatic, persuasive, personable, competitive — some of the frequently used adjectives to describe successful sales professionals. To flourish in sales, individuals must also be patient, resilient, persistent, and self-motivated. Many sales jobs also offer autonomy and ownership. Honing these skills will benefit your career tremendously and being able to speak to them in an interview will do so even more.

The power of storytelling

Great sales professionals do an exceptional job of connecting the dots between the product they sell, the prospects they sell to, and why those prospects need that product. Together these dots are connected through a clear story or narrative crafted by the sales profession, who by understanding a customer’s needs and providing viable solutions, can then close the deal. Being able to craft a narrative for their specific audience is an important skill for any sales person.

This is also an integral skill during the job search and interview process. Effective interviewing comes down to great storytelling. A sales professional can leverage their existing storytelling skills in an interview. For example: Demonstrating their transferable skills to a hiring manager through concise outcomes and focused stories of previous work experiences to prove their value add to the role and company. At WorkWell, we give you the necessary tools to help finetune your personal narrative so you can effectively communicate how your greatest gifts will become a company’s greatest asset.

We know how much sales professionals appreciate socializing to grow their networks, so when you work with us, you benefit from learning communities, networking, and knowledge sharing. All of this contributes to you elevating your craft to seek out your next incredible opportunity.

We might not be able to shake your hand to seal the deal right now but we look forward to supporting you on your journey. Our Founders, Whitney and Lucy, would love to meet you and have you participate in our event, How to Get a Job ASAP. Register now to learn the three important steps to take now to find your next role.

Also on this week’s agenda is our event with General Assembly, Optimizing Your LinkedIn Profile + Resume for Your Job Search. Join us on Thursday to up-level your professional profile in order to make the best first impression, stand out in the crowd, and land your next job.



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