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Impacted Series: Technical industry. Continue your success in tech

Last week we kicked off our Impacted Series with the customer service industry. We walked through the invaluable skills people in that expertise have and how they can launch their careers in tech. This week we’re talking about just that… tech!

So, you’re a technical professional with engineering, design, IT, and (or) analytical skills. Did you recently lose your job? Or perhaps you’re looking to pivot and learn a different technical skillset to spruce up your resume? Whatever your technical scenario is, we’re excited to talk to you.

The tech industry broken down

The traditional tech industry has evolved. These days “the tech industry” is an umbrella term. Many companies are identifying as tech now. For example, unconventional brands like Wal-Mart, Macy’s, and many financial institutions consider themselves a part of this industry because they have huge tech sectors. And the size of tech companies spans from start-up to mid-size to enterprise. Each size brings its own host of benefits, unique company dynamics and cultures, and different project needs. Thanks to these door-opening evolutions, there are incredible opportunities for everyone. At WorkWell, we touch on these evolutions and encourage all of our job seekers to consider these key points when they reflect on what they want in their next career move.

Your already tenacious tech skills

With the world’s current challenges in consideration, lucrative tech companies like Airbnb, Uber, and Lyft are forced to make business sacrifices like massive layoffs to stay afloat. If you were one of those impacted individuals, we’re here to help you find the comfort in knowing your developed skill set is needed. It’s probably safe to assume that you already have a lot of sharp, sought-after, hard technical skills such as coding, UX and UI, graphic design, and so much more. If you’re actively job searching, now is a great time to capitalize on those hard skills to level up against your competition. Career-transforming platforms like General Assembly, Coursera, and Udemy have incredible and interactive courses to learn or become certified in a new skill. Tech companies pay close attention to ambition and skill alignment. Understand what marketable skills you bring to the table as this will be crucial during your career reflection.

The other half of the skill equation

It’s natural to want to prioritize hard skills when thinking about your next move in the tech industry. However, we also want to place emphasis on essential skills. These skills are just as important. Today’s complex, global economy requires a skilled workforce that’s proficient in technology to innovate but that same economy also requires motivated, organized, and approachable people to humanize the movement. As you commit energy towards understanding what essential skills you embody, this will fuel your values and mission alignment. With the combination of values, mission, and skill alignment, you’ll know exactly what makes you irreplaceable and you’ll connect much stronger to certain companies in your job search.

WorkWell has deep roots in tech. When you work with us, you can reach new heights in your job search through the power of learning communities, knowledge sharing, and networking. Tech seeks great talent like you, which translates to mean there is so much possibility out there for you!

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Lastly, keep your eyes peeled for next week’s Impacted Series feature. Hint: This group of professionals can sell you anything.



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