Is it Time for a Career Change? QUIZ

Is it time for a career change? Take our 2-minute career change quiz to help you determine whether you're ready for a 360 degree career change or slight career pivot.

Career Change
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March 16, 2022

Before jumping in head first into a career change, there are a few important questions you may want to ask yourself in order to gain clarity about your next move.

We talk a lot about clarity here at WorkWell, as it’s crucial to nailing your next career move. You can explore clarity further in our So, You Want To Make a Career Change? blog.

After answering a few questions about your current role, company, and day-to-day work, it may turn out that a career pivot would better suit your situation than a 360 degree career move. 

In today’s blog, we’re going to explore 5 questions together, and point you in the right direction based on the answers you give.

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1.    Are your values aligned with the company/industry you work for and the work that you do?

The first question to ask yourself is around values.

What values matter most to you in life?

A few common values include Timeliness, Honesty, Integrity, Passion, Commitment, and Responsibility to name a few.

Now reflect these values back to your current working situation. 

Are your values aligned with your current company? What about your industry? The specific work you do?  

By pinpointing exactly where the mismatch lies, you will be better armed with information to direct your next move.

2.    Are the skills you use for work ones of interest to you?

Do you enjoy what you do day-to-day?

Let’s face it - if you’re reading career change articles on the Internet, the answer is probably not.

However, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s time to jump ship. 

Sit down and write down exactly what you like and don’t like about what you currently do. You may find that the skills you’re missing, or yearning to use, can be found at a different company or role, rather than in a completely different career.

Perhaps you would love to be a leader, and use your natural-born skills of confidence, creativity, and empathy to motivate others.

This can be achieved through a promotion, rather than career move.


3.    Are you inspired by and confident in the people you work with and are led by? 

This is an important question to ask yourself – are you inspired by those around you?

The people you surround yourself with – in work and in life – can have an extraordinary impact on the way you see and feel things in your own life. In fact, they can shape it.

“Working to build a better self almost always means working to build a better community or tribe with which you surround it.” -Medium

If you feel your motivation waning, or worse, find yourself in a toxic environment, it’s worth exploring a new role or new company first, before jumping into another career.


4.    Is your workplace environment conducive to doing your best work?

Getting granular about where your unhappiness – or restlessness– comes from is a common theme among these questions. And it's for a reason! 

A great question to help nail down your feelings further is this:

Is your workplace environment conducive to doing your best work?

If it is, you may want to explore a career pivot to a different department, or take a step up with more responsibility, rather than making an Olympic-size career leap.

If not, it may be best to explore your options elsewhere.

5.    Are you passionate about the mission + direction of your company, role, and career? 

Last but not least, does your job make you feel good inside?

We don’t mean that every minute of every day gives you the warm and fuzzies. But there should be large aspects of your role or company that make you feel like you’re in the right place and doing good things.  

It can be as simple as helping others around you do better work... to as big as working towards a goal to leave the world a better place.

The more passionate you are about what you’re doing day-to-day, the happier and more purposeful you will feel.

Want to make it even easier?

We made a quick 2-minute quiz to help you determine whether or not a career change is right for you at this time.  

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