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Updated: May 18

Understandably, there’s a lot of uncertainty in the world of work right now with the pandemic. Fear not, there are a lot of companies with hiring surges that need to fill essential roles and YOU can be their next hire.

Whether you’re an active job seeker, career changer, or freelancer, it’s more important than ever to adopt and maintain a positive mindset. We know that can be challenging to do on your own in unparalleled times like these.

Enter the power of community. Community is a pillar at WorkWell, a non-negotiable you could say. So, to help bring variety to your job search, we rounded up an assortment of incredible resources for you so you can be sure your options are maximized and your time is well spent.

Elpha: Partner companies

We’re big fans of Elpha and for good reason. This company is designed and built by women to provide opportunities, advice, and resources for women in tech. The search filters are composed of different job characteristics that are important to a wide range of women. You can toggle by “Women in Leadership, Benefits, Funding, Team Size, and Locations” to find something that fits your unique criteria.

Fast Company: Who is hiring?

Fast Company is trusted worldwide for progressive business media coverage with a focus on innovation in technology, ethical economics, leadership, and design. If you want our opinion... these areas of focus are pretty damn spot-on in terms of relevancy for what we’re all facing right now. This article breaks down the industries that are in dire need of great talent like you.

Remote work spreadsheet

Feeling established in your new home routine? Ditch office life for good and find your new remote opportunity. This thoughtful spreadsheet includes an exhaustive list of more than 1,500 jobs that are exclusively work-from-home. Commute from the bedroom to the living room and work on projects for awesome companies like GitHub, InVision, and General Assembly.

Candor: Live report

The team behind this recently founded company lives and breathes the definition of self-worth. Candor helps you have an honest chance at getting paid your market worth. Although their expertise is salary negotiation, they wanted to help people whose jobs were affected by the pandemic. This running report features companies that are experiencing hiring freezes and those that are still hiring. This is a live, user-generated, and remarkably insightful resource.

Remotely Inclined: Non-tech work

Loving your new home routine and looking for a non-technical role? Remotely Inclined has your back. It’s a newsletter about remote work and remote entrepreneurship. This specific article has pulled all of the digital places that you can find remote jobs. Sign up for each website’s job alerts to fuel your search efforts. Still hiring strives to bring transparency to the workplace, something we can all get on board with. This company wants to join the fight alongside the other kind-hearted companies and help impacted people find jobs. Equipped with visible company logos and direct application links, this running list of companies actively hiring lets you filter by location and role. You’re also able to easily see when it was last updated for relevancy.

This curated list of resources proves that there are so many companies, groups, and individuals that want to help by putting aside their main areas of expertise and putting you first. Fortunately, at WorkWell, our main area of expertise is empowering you to find your next career through learning communities. Join WorkWell Founders, Whitney and Lucy, for our event How to Get a Job ASAP where we’ll share the three essential steps you need to land your next role and how our Accelerator will make sure you do so quickly. Sign up here if you need that job ASAP!

And this week, we’re launching our Impacted Series. Each week for the next month, we’ll feature an industry that’s been impacted by the current times and what that means for moving forward. First up is the customer service industry. Our intention is to evoke hope for any job seeking customer-facing professionals and provide career guidance about what’s possible now so you navigate your job search effectively and with confidence.

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