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Thank you, community!

Our first bootcamp is officially complete and our hearts are exploding with love for this new community and for the badass job seekers we get to support on their journeys to a fulfilling career!

It is clear that this is just the beginning, but I want to take a moment to thank the people who have been supporting us since the moment this all began:

Fred - you created community with us from the jump, gave us feedback, ideas, connections, events, love, check ins, advice. Fun fact: one of our students just joined Fred’s team at Asana. If you’d told me four months ago this is where we’d all be, connected and supporting each other, I ABSOLUTELY would have believed it. Greatness is real.

Joshua - your immediate support and love was awesome, but your patience, energy, and gifts of feedback and trust as my leader a few years ago helped shape who I am today. Thank you eternally.

Sarah - you saw something from our first convo that led to really incredible relationships and partnerships. Thank you for your support and love!

Michael - we immediately were about each other’s goals and I’m so glad we’ve come together. Excited for all ahead.

Maddy - you are above and beyond what any small and new or old and large company could ask for. Your attention to detail, support, love and encouragement has been so invaluable. We are so lucky to know you and work with you. Ty for everything!!

Cait - for playing with ideas with me early on (and for the past many years), designing, supporting with branding, and providing general life counsel since age 8. TY!

Oscar - for hooking. It. Up. We so appreciate you and your talent!

Jared - for early convos, connections to amazing people, and being on this journey next to us!

Lynne Tye - you are an example to be followed for being a badass boss and for letting your values lead the way. Your conversations were so helpful to us. TY!

Abby - your advice, love, support, connections, energy...sigh. Thank you. Grateful to have your power with us.

Meagan - every time I asked if you wanted to work for free for a startup: “you know I’m down.” Grateful for your love and support as a friend and advisor.

Xavier - your immediate belief in what we could do and continued support as a friend, guest speaker and advisor. Ty!!

Pete - “I have a good feeling about WorkWell.” Ty for your finance wisdom and love.

Alison - your energy and passion for the space is huge and we are so grateful for your support as an advisor!

Mansi - thank you for your expertise and support as we create this project! You’re a powerhouse and your love is felt.

Luke - for your big brother real talk. Appreciate your guidance as a long time business leader. Love you.

Chris Kopka - for identifying our need of and supporting our business plan creation. And for continuing convo around all the things we don’t know about yet haha! TY!!

Steph - as always, from the beginning, our biggest cheerleader. I love you dearly!

Miracle - all the love, listening, celebrating. Ty!

Rob Cobb - for your ideas, thoughts, love.

Anthony - you’re a real one. Happy to be in this space with you.

Adam, Ben, Leo - true professionals and supporters. Ty!

Former clients who've never stopped showing love. We appreciate you so much.

Tiff and Linds - for the calls, interviews and connections to others. For being in the first bootcamp with all the encouragement, love and feedback. Ty ty ty.

All the folks who let us ask questions about their journeys: Yinka, Peter, Fatimah (who also connected us to the women’s business services!!), Tiff D. to name a few- you helped shape where we are now. Ty!

Former colleagues - Kyle and John who gave me long interviews on the hiring process. Appreciate you both.

Friends - lots of plans read and feedback given. Website reviews and very honest feelings on our first name (unanimous thumbs down haha). Check ins, support, love, referrals, celebrations and understanding as my eyes glazed over mid convo with mad scientist visions and especially now that we’ve launched and are less social haha. We love you dearly!

Family - nothing beats the belief from your dearest ones that you can do something.

To my dad and Jeanne, fellow entrepreneurs and my accountant, so much sage advice on creating a service. Jeanne’s family for weighing in. My baby brother for crushing it with business model advice. My sis for celebrating me. My mom for being the light of the world and celebrating every single moment.

Everyone who wants to be involved - thank you. We’re making it happen in 2019!

To WW01 - your belief in us made our launch possible and immediately made us better. We love you, we see you, we support you. You’ve got this!!

Lucyyyyy - and of course. To my partner in creation, the person who I spend more time with than anyone else (by many many many hours) and legit enjoy every single moment. WorkWell is a result of our love, energy, compassion, desire to serve, and JOY. Let’s enjoy every single moment. Let’s always aspire to be the best versions of ourselves. Let’s lead with our values and follow our love. To now and beyond!



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