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Your one stop shop for interview skills, job search acceleration, and a supportive community with deep roots in tech.


We believe in the powerful results of learning communities. That's why we've built one where we give you the opportunity to fail risk-free. Whether you’re looking to make a career change or are a recent grad, our comprehensive 21 hour interview and career skills bootcamp provides a proven pathway to find your home in the tech industry for both technical and non-technical roles. WorkWell’s curriculum includes the essentials on how to be the best interviewer so you can land the job you want with the salary you deserve.

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Empowering our clients to find fulfilling work that utilizes their gifts is what lights us up. We know that the journey to a dream job and career is an exploration and with the right strategies, practices, coaching, and community, your path to success is possible, starting right now. We’ve created a custom paced, coach + peer guided career discovery accelerator where you uncover what really matters to you and leverage the skills you already have to identify your dream role doing work that matters. Now.

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"Lucy is truly a special breed of coach. Her positive attitude is contagious, and her keen sense of observation and natural gift with words allows her to speak and act in such a way that is inspiring and motivating. I was extremely thankful to have her as a coach. Working with her greatly upped my confidence and empowered me to be myself in an effective and important way."

Google Team Member

"During my job search, Whitney did a brilliant job working with me on essential career skills. She taught me how to skillfully draft emails and LinkedIn messages to recruiters which resulted in higher traction on my job search. She was efficient and prompt, readily available to talk to, anytime I wanted advice on anything related to my search. She was positive and cheerful, warm and truly empathetic even during times I failed, motivating me to keep moving forward. She played a really crucial role in my eventual success. She was a wonderful person to have by my side during one of the most challenging phases in my career!"

LinkedIn Team Member

"Whitney kept me from giving up during (what turned out to be) the final stretch of an arduous and often demoralizing period of job-searching and interviewing. I can honestly say that without her guidance and firm-but-gentle encouragement I may not have finally made it to the next stage in my career as soon as I did, if ever at all!"

Microsoft Team Member

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Throughout their careers, our coaches, Whitney Cole and Lucy Basta, have helped over 800+ job seekers land careers at amazing companies including Apple, Google, Facebook, Amazon, Lyft, LinkedIn, Tesla and VC-backed startups.


WorkWell gives you the tools, strategy, and structure you need to land the job you want. Interested in joining?

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Mansi Goel

Leadership Coach / Ex-Google Executive

Xavier Cunningham

Operations Manager at LinkedIn

Meagan David

Head of Customer Success at Awair

Danae Sterental

Culture Partner at HereWe

Abby Topolsky

Communications and Marketing Consultant / Executive Coach

Alison Mackay

Recruiter at Facebook

Frank Denbow

Startup Advocate at Microsoft

Peter Gruskin

Senior Product Manager​ at PaleoTech