Non-Tech Roles in Tech: How to Leverage your Transferable Skills (with General Assembly)

 When you think of the tech industry you likely picture software engineers and product folks, but there is a vast world of non-technical roles waiting for people with your skillset. Transferable skills are transferable for a reason after all. Hospitality, healthcare, customer service, retail, education, and the list goes on, make for some of THE BEST tech industry employees.

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Setting Your 2022 Job Search Up for Success (with General Assembly)

Learn how to grow your network + create job opportunities from the comfort of your couch in your winter-themed PJs! Do you want to connect with the people who can help forward your career without ever going to another networking event again? If you are a yes to this and are struggling to gain traction in your job search or career path, WorkWell has exactly what you need.

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