Growing your Network from your Couch (with General Assembly)

Learn how to grow your network + create job opportunities from the comfort of your couch! Do you want to connect with the people who can help forward your career without ever going to another networking event again?
If you are a yes to this and are struggling to gain traction in your job search or career path, WorkWell has exactly what you need.

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How to Get the Job ASAP (with General Assembly)

Do you want to find your dream job without sacrificing your sanity / giving up the things that bring you joy? Are you a job seeker or working professional who is #doingallthethings + have no idea when / how to effectively put effort into your job search? If you're a yes to any of that, join WorkWell's Founders, Whitney + Lucy for a session on breaking down your job search so that you can handle all of life's moving parts while still crushing your goals.

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Non-Tech Roles in Tech: How to Leverage your Transferable Skills (with General Assembly)

 When you think of the tech industry you likely picture software engineers and product folks, but there is a vast world of non-technical roles waiting for people with your skillset. Transferable skills are transferable for a reason after all. Hospitality, healthcare, customer service, retail, education, and the list goes on, make for some of THE BEST tech industry employees.

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Your Dream Career Awaits 

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