Storytelling for Job-Winning Interview Skills

Recruiters + hiring managers decide whether they will hire you within the first 90 seconds of your interview. This means that the best story wins. Do you know how your story is?

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Panel: Parents at Work in Tech (with General Assembly)

Being a working parent is no small feat, especially as many have had to navigate the changing landscape due to a global pandemic. As the tech industry’s workforce grows and work demands and life shift, we will have a candid convo with parents who have learned a thing or two about being a working parent in tech. What we know for sure: it’s not a perfect process and it sure ain’t easy.

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Panel: Successful Career Transitioners (with General Assembly)

Curious if you have what it takes to successfully break into tech with your existing skills? Looking for a high paying job that excites you? Do you want to know what opportunities are possible if you make the jump into tech?

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Non-Tech Roles in Tech: How to Leverage your Transferable Skills (with General Assembly)

 When you think of the tech industry you likely picture software engineers and product folks, but there is a vast world of non-technical roles waiting for people with your skillset. Transferable skills are transferable for a reason after all. Hospitality, healthcare, customer service, retail, education, and the list goes on, make for some of THE BEST tech industry employees.

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Optimizing your resume + LinkedIn profile for the Tech Industry (with GA)

Are you a job seeker or working professional who wants your LinkedIn profile + resume to effectively make the best first impression? If you want to up-level your LinkedIn profile and resume in order to stand out and land your next job, especially in the tech industry, we've got the workshop for you!

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